August 17, 2009


male dun
callibaetis nymph
There has been a prolific hatch of mayflies over the past week. A respite over the abnormally cool summer temps proceeded to ignite a flurry of emergence. Duns of several baetis and callibaetis species peppered the screens of the Roughfisher Command Post, presenting an unreal opportunity to watch these duns molt in to spinners up close.

freshly molted spinner
callibaetis nymph
Witnessing one of nature's mini marvels always provides for inspiration at the vise, as if by divine influence. Since most roughfish don't willingly take dry flies, I crafted up some recreations of these mayflies in their nymphal form. While I'm not quite as concerned with true coloration due to the nature of nymphing in turbid water, these patterns should closely mimic the profile and silhouette of the naturals.

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