April 20, 2008

There was mass mayhem on the river this weekend: the redhorse were biting. Turbid waters from the spring melt caused me to put the flies away after an hour and a half and fashion the garden hackle. The day turned to be nothing short of phenomenal. I brought nearly 50 fish to hand on Saturday, including a golden redhorse and a shorthead redhorse, both firsts for me. The goldens were like prize fighters; I'd like to have a few more bouts with them season. I caught nearly a dozen silvers; I caught three of them on consecutive casts/drifts. My wrist was sore from all the rod pumping action. The channel cats were on a feeding frenzy as well, probably caught nearly two dozen of them. They were a nuisance to keep off of my bait. You know it was a good day when you complain about catching too many fish. Here's some photos to remember the day. Cheers!

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