April 23, 2008

I tied up a few different versions of prince nymphs last night. I had some pearl core braid (black)that was peacock colored. I was looking for something a little more durable than peacock herl.

I also have some cool chenille that is called glimmer chenille. It is peacock colored. I tied a real webby saddle hackle for the collar. It's almost like a wet fly. I fished this pattern this morning and caught plenty of white suckers on it. I tied it with wire instead of tinsel for more durability. I like it a lot.


  1. wow... those are great tie! I never fished the prince nymph, but I do a lot of peacock herl... this is really good pattern too, maybe I should tie some up soon!

  2. I'm loving that prince nymph tied with the glimmer chenille right now. That chenille ties really cool, I'll have to stock up. Prince nymphs always catch me fish.