April 22, 2008

I scouted out a section of the upper Otter Tail river, where I normally have success finding white suckers early in the spawning run. When I got there I found a huge pod of suckers stacked up in a current eddy. I quickly tied on a beadhead prince nymph and soon there after had my first white sucker of the year on the receiving end of the hook. It was a pretty stout fish. I quickly headed back to the pod and landed about another half dozen fish before I had to leave. That was fun! That was what I had been waiting for all spring.

Unfortunately, effective in 2008, this section of river is subject to closure due to the occurrence of heavy walleye spawning activity. This section will be closed tomorrow until May 9. I can't believe that I am getting pimped by the walleye! This was one of my go-to spring sucker spots. It was only about 5 minutes from my house. That's not the kicker, though. The section of the Pelican River from the outlet at Big Detroit Lake up to US Hwy 10 will be closed due to walleye spawning. That means I will not be able to fish suckers in my backyard. Unbelievable. Due to the lengthy legislative rule making process, there was a delay to close that section this year, but it will likely be in place next spring. That's tough to take.

Looks like I need to do some scouting for more spring sucker spots that are nearby, now that those other sections are closed. Luckily, I got a tip on a spot about 15 minutes away. Sounds like I've got another mission.