April 17, 2008

It was a slow day today. The water was real cloudy due to the recent runoff and higher spring flows. I had to blind nymph making hookups a lot more difficult to detect. One carp, a bigmouth buffalo, a silver redhorse, two pike and a half dozen small channel cats. The pike hit a krystal chenille scud pattern and a san juan carp killer. Interesting to say the least, and certainly unexpected. Those channel cats certainly were feisty little devils, and hit the san juan carp killer.

The san juan carp killer was definitely the fly of the day. I'll need to tie up a bunch more though, as the glass beads are fragile and tend to fall off the hook after awhile. Maybe I'll need to try some plastic beads instead. I tried the clam fly today for little bit with no success. I will give it an honest try once the water clears up later this spring. The season is still young!

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