April 27, 2008

Smoked fish.

A winter staple in these parts, I typically smoke two or three batches of fish each winter. I was lazy this year and finally put my first batch of the season in the smoker on April 27, typically about 3 months later than usual. Never mind the fact that I had to shovel out nearly three feet of fresh snow from my back porch just to get the smoker out. Go figure.

Nothing beats fresh smoked trout and ciscos straight out of the smoker. A real treat. Since I had some space, I also threw in some country-style boneless pork ribs, to be enjoyed later.



  1. I am very envious of that smoker. I have been planning to make one for some time now. My brother gave me a book called "how to make a smoker." Need to do that. I may keep a buffalo and try to smoke a bit... knock on wood though - need to gain access first and catch them second before thinking of smoking third.

  2. yeah no sense in putting the cart before the horse. If I can get a buffalo this spring from the upper Otter Tail or Pelican River systems, I'm keeping it for the smoker. Though the fish downstream of Fergus might not be bad if the water is still cold.