February 29, 2008

No one took me up on any offers to go fishing this morning, so went to Maplewood to go ride for a bit. There was about 1" to 2" of fresh snow on the ground from yesterday, which is sorely needed on the trails right now. Temps were fairly mild in the mid teens to lower twenties, but it was quite blustery with winds gusting to over 30 mph. This created some drifting on the trails and it was nice to be able to ride in some fresh pow; I was worried that the trails would be hard ice pack. The trail leading out from the parking lot was thin and icy, and I was worried that the rest of the trails would be this way. Once I got out to the trail crossroad/opening on the NW side of the park, the trail conditions improved dramatically. Overall the riding was pretty decent considering the lack of any real snow since early December. I only noted one real bad spot, which came out of the woods into a clearing on a south facing slope: a recipe for no snow, and sun, as the spot was down to bare dirt. With a base of hard pack, the riding was pretty fast today. A few of the spots had were bad for skis darting, but after a few sleds came through and busted up the crust, it got better. There was practically no one on the trails today. I got out early and there only two fresh set of tracks on the trails, and they came through South Lida. Otherwise I only met four other sleds out there. That's why I love riding in the park. That, and the incredible vistas. I put on about 90 miles today, and with that, it puts me at 5 more miles ridden than last season. With all of March left, hopefully I 'll get at least one more ride in this season before it's all said and done. I'm glad I didn't go fishing today.

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