February 10, 2008

Baby Brother

My 8 weight Scott ARC fly rod got a baby brother last Friday, a Scott ARC 9'6" 4-piece 6 weight! After picking up the 8 weight last month, I couldn't pass up on seconds. I got another good deal on the 6 weight. This has the same progressive taper as the 8 weight, and has a fighting butt to boot. This rod will be matched to a Lamson Velocity Hard Alox (model 2) and Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Steelhead taper fly line. This is the identical setup as the bigger brother 8 weight. I'll mainly be using it for suckers and small carp, and likely some smallmouth and trout, as well as panfish. I should be able to give the old one-two punch to the fish with these combos, as these 6 and 8 weight rods are very versatile rods, capable of handling most fishing conditions and scenarios.
Is it spring yet?

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