February 20, 2008

Blog's all set. Time to head home, watch some Idol tonight, and hit the bench later to tie up some flies. I'm participating in two fly swaps so far this winter. One has a nymph theme, the other is a carp fly theme. I've got the nymphs all finished, but now I need to start tying up the carp flies. I'll probably tie up the antron fly that I came up with on the yarn fly challenge from Corey over at roughfish.com. I'll likely add a gold wire rib for durability, and possibly a flashbakc casse for a little sparkle. I still am working on a darth vader fly variant. I like the all black look, but I want something a little different. Maybe I'll look for some black dies pheasant tails. Those would be badass. I also need to tie some nymphs that will ride hook side up. This is key when fishing for suckers in the rocks. This will reduce the number of snags and dulling of the hook point, as well as increase the hook ratio on these finicky fish. I'll be sure to tie up some buffalo killers.

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