February 10, 2008

LaFontaine's Sparkle Pupa

hook: size 10-18 Tiemco 3769 or other 2x heavy nymph hook
thread: 6/0 UNI, brown
head: tan or beige antron dubbing
wing: elk hair
body: antron yarn (or dubbing), amber, amber/ginger mix, or gray
pupa case: amber antron
body: amber antron
tail: antron yarn, clear or white

Placehook in vise and wrap thread to hook bend. Tie in white antron yarn, leaving the length of fibers about one hook length as the tail. Wrap thread to mid-hook and tie in two bunches of amber antron yarn, one on top and one on bottom of hook shank. Wrap thread back to hook bend. Tie in another piece of amber antron yarn. Wrap thread forward to 2/3 of hook length. Wrap (palmer) the antron yarn around the hook, 2/3 of the length, building a body. Tie off and trim. Pull amber antron forward, over the the top and bottom of the hook shank, to form the pupa case, making sure to leave a pocket around the hook shank. Tie off and trim. Take a small pinch of elk hair, clean the underfur, and stack. Tie in as the wing, one hook length. Trim. Add beige/tan dubbing and wrap to just behind the hook eye. Whip finish, forming a slight head with the thread. Tie off and epoxy the threads.

Using antron yarn to form a pupa case is unique, as it simulates a trapped gas bubble often found in emerging caddis pupae.

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