February 26, 2008

Eclipse Nymph

hook: size 10 Tiemco 3769 or other 2x heavy nymph hook
thread: 6/0 UNI, black
head: black bead, 5/32”
wingcase: flashback (mylar or other wing material), pearl
thorax: peacock herl
legs: pheasant tail, black
body :pheasant tail, black
rib: Ultra Wire black, medium
tail: pheasant tail, black

Place bead on hook and wrap thread to hook bend. Tie in seven or eight pheasant tail fibers for the tail, leaving the length of fibers about one hook length. Tie in the wire rib. Wrap thread forward over the tag end of the wire to midway across the hook shank. Wrap (palmer) the PT fibers along the hook shank, tie off and trim. Wrap the wire rib in the opposite direction that you wrapped the PT fibers, tie off and trim. Cut the flashback material in a 1/8” wide strip. Tie in. Tie in two or three peacock herls and wrap thread to beadhead. Palmer the peacock herls to the beadhead, tie off and trim. Tie in a small bunch of PT fibers on each side of the thorax behind the beadhead, length at about one hook length. Fold the flashback forward, tie off and trim. Whip finish behind the beadhead and epoxy the threads and wingcase.

The PT fibers on the dyed black tails seem to be finer than those on a regular tail. You may need to double the amount of fibers added to the die, to give the desired look and appearance for the tails and wings. Fish this in rocky riffles like a little black stonefly, or traditionally like a mayfly nymph.

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