February 21, 2008

Brown Antron Special

hook: size 10-16 Tiemco 2457 or other 2x heavy scud hook
thread: 6/0 UNI, dark brown
head: black or copper bead
wingcase: flashback (mylar or other wing material), pearl
thorax: antron yarn, brown stone
legs: antron yarn, brown stone
body: antron yarn, brown stone
rib: Ultra Wire gold, medium
tail: antron yarn, brown stone

Place bead on hook and wrap thread to hook bend. Tie in 3" of antron yarn, leaving the length of fibers about one-half of hook length as the tail. Tie in wire rib and wrap thread forward, a few eye lengths behind the eye. Wrap (palmer)the antron yarn around the hook, 2/3 of the length, building up a tapered body. Tie in and leave tag end on bottom of hook. Wrap rib in the opposite direction that you wrapped the antron body, cut. Cut 1/8" wide strip of flashback, and tie in as a wingcase. Wrap the existing tag end of yarn forward to behind the beadhead, building a thorax. Tie off and trim. Tie in a small piece of yarn on each side of the hook shank behind the bead head, forming the legs, about 2/3 of a hook length. Tie off and trim. Fold the wingcase forward, tie off and trim. Whip finish behind the beadhead and epoxy the threads and wingcase.

This is a designed carp fly but could be used for just about any fish species willing to take a fly. Fish this like a standard heavy nymph. This is my entry to the Carp Anglers Group fly swap this winter.

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  1. Love this fly - looking forward to getting one via CAG SWAP.