February 27, 2008

Clam Before the Storm

hook: size 4 Mustad 34007
thread: 3/0 UNI, dark brown
weight: hourglass eyes, black, large
shell: furry foam, brown (or cream, colored with brown marker)
body: micro chenille, pink

Wrap thread on mid-section of hook and tie in the hourglass eyes on the top of the hook shank. Tie in a 1.5" piece of chenille just past midway on the hook shank. Cut out a piece of furry foam in the shape of an 8 (or hour glass figure). Tie in the foam at the middle of the "8" using a figure eight wrap. Wrap thread forward to the hook eye. Pull the chenille forward over the body between the two clam shells and tie in just behind the hook eye. Lift the chenille up and add a few thread wraps underneath, enabling the chenille to point up, perpendicular to he hook shank. Whip finish and epoxy the thread wraps.

Fish the fly heavy in the stream bed, preferably in an area with a native mussel/clam population. The hourglass eyes will help get the fly down quick and stay on the bottom. Fish with an indicator to detect the often subtle bite of a redhorse, buffalo, carp, and other shellfish eating fish. Credit for the fly pattern goes to Craig Matthew's original bonefish pattern, and to sexyloops for their adaptation of the fly.