August 4, 2010

A Better Blend

I've been busy at the blender playing with the new yarns and fibers I acquired. Mohair, mystery fiber, STS, rabbit, squirrel, floss, the list goes on. All are spectral blends. All enhance your awesomeness.

The highlights in this blend reminded me of those foggy days of campus life and the journeys to fantasyland we used to take. KB for kind buds. Reds, purples, oranges, yellows, if you've seen the primo stuff you'll understand. You've been thunderfucked!

A mohair and seal substitute blend. This dub has got the stuff.

Wet Seal
An improved version of Wet Seal called Sealy Dan.

Cognac Heather
UV Cognac Heather
The Paton's Classic Wool in Cognac Heather is the bomb. An easy yarn to work with and great spectral highlights. UV is also an option.

Supersonic Scud
Supersonic. This blend will rock the scud underworld.

Oh yeah, did I mention that it tie likes like a charm and looks the shiznit?! Yeeeaaah boooy!