August 23, 2010


hook bonanza
The China connection hooked a brother up. Look at them tasty carp hooks, all shiny and whatnot. Extra strong, chemically sharpened, forged stainless steel, with a slight beak. Available in black or unpainted.

Size 4
Size 6
You'd be upset to hear what I paid for them sumbitches, so I'll spare you the agony. Let's just say that they were between Two-buck Chuck and a Five Dollar Whore, per hundred.


  1. I did the same thing but with keel hook used to tie kelly galloup's stacked blonde.

  2. How does it feel to be on the national "do not fly" list? Between them NSA wiretaps and the TSA cavity searches - you'll wish they were Tiemco's soon enough.

  3. Those hooks need some feathers pronto.