August 24, 2010

Blazing Stars and Bluestem

Prairie Expanse
Once covering the great expanse of the Glacial Lake Aggassiz basin, the eastern tallgrass prairie is now merely a shadow of its former self. Bisected by rowcrops of corn, soybean and sugarbeets, interspersed with beds of sunflowers and amber waves of wheat, the once blazing prairie fell victim to the blade of the plow. What's left is merely a pittance of a once prodigious parcel.

The following is a brief glimpse into one of the largest sections of virgin prairie remaining in Minnesota, and one of the highest quality prairie sites in the U.S.

blazing bloom
Blazing Star
Prairie View
Blazing Star
turkey foot
Blazing Star
Big Bluestem
Blazing Star
wildflower assemblage

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