August 3, 2010

For Your Eyes Only

When Singlebarbed told me that he literally had risked life and limb to smuggle some Classified materials into the Roughfisher Command Post, I thought he was putting me on until I saw proof. He warned me of the inclement danger inherent when handling this stuff and told me to survey my surroundings before opening. He was right, this stuff should be locked in a vault in Fort Knox.

For Your Eyes Only
Regarding the classified contents of the container:
You all are on a need to know basis, and right now you don't need to know.
All I can divulge is that this stuff rocks the shit and will blow your mind. It will change the face of fly tying forever.

End Transmission.


  1. send me some
    nik wright
    owner of Deer Creek

  2. He can show it to you, but then he has to kill every fish in Deer Creek ...