August 10, 2010

The Seven Year Itch

Got crabs clams? My boy MG is finally taking a cue from the roughfisher and getting his tippet wet with some bearded clams. Seems he's been spotted peepin' on a bunch of caprs hoovering up clams like they were going out of style. He's nasty! Being the master voyeur that I am, I handed over a few top tips to SeƱor Chrome Dome on how to lead the donkey through the barn door. Ol' Gracie prefers his clams Brazilian style: nicely shorn and sparkly. Wait until you see them wet.

sac biscuits courtesy of his Supreme Grace, Michael Gracie
Here's a refresher in case your bitch ass forgot how bitchin' my Darth Clam And Zebra mussel patterns are. Photo courtesy of my foot in your ass.

herd of clams
The Darth Clam 2.0, specially modified for the DSP. Putrid piss green shell and an arsenic tan colored siphon. Radioactive sparkle courtesy of glitter flavored Hard as Nails. Optional foot played out by olive glimmer flash chenille. All on a nasty strong curved carp hook. Included are a few variations to keep them caprs on their fins.

Darth Clam 2.0
Y'all ain't got nuttin' on me.

How about a clam sandwich?


  1. Those clams and zebra mussels should work on my family's place on the st. lawrence. We have plenty of those. Kid caught a 30-pound carp blind drifting a steamer from the bbq off the dock.

  2. Your tying just gets better and better.

  3. Throw in some taco references and you have it all wrapped up.

  4. Sweet stuff. Keep it up. Hope to give some of this a try soon. Have you ever fished the Crow River here in MN?

  5. @Casey: haven't fished the Crow before, though I've been tempted to give the Middle Fork a shot when working over in New London.