December 2, 2009

wooly boogers

wooly boogers
Time to revisit a classic. One of the world's most famous, popular, successful, and oft fished fly, the wooly bugger is a staple in most all fly anglers fly box. Like many other tyers, I have entire boxes devoted to the pattern, in every size and color. So why haven't I fished one in what seems like years?

dirty buggers
dirty bugger, alt
I've got the nymph bug, bad. I love tying tungsten laced gut bombs that wreak havoc on the gastrointestinal system of cyprinids. I also love fishing soft hackles, and have been known to swing a fly or two from time to time. Somehow, my bugger box seems to find its way to the bottom of my gear bag, eventually getting buried underneath packs of HotHands, CLIF bar wrappers, and empty bottles of diet mountain dew. Out of sight, out of mind.

fuzzy bigger
Likely, I pass on the bugger because they tend to ride high in the current in fast water. These fat bastards should change that. They are tied with a cone head, a tungsten bead backing the cone, and lead and wire wrapped bodies. Heavy mang! Wild turkey marabou is the shit; it is a beautiful dark dun color. I recommend you get yo'self a stash of the stuff and hoard it. Speckled chenille composed the bodies, save for a mohair yarn body variation, along with monoflash, ultrawire, schlappen, and a glimmer flash chenille thorax.

Things need to change around here; I need to kick it grade school and fish the bugger.

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  1. JP - what size hook is that? What style too? Is it 2X? It looks awefully short. And that conehead looks 1/3 the size of the fly! That would get it down fast. That wire ribbing is nice and loose - I do that with scuds sometimes.

  2. @Brandon722: Hook is a size 8 Tiemco 5263, 2X heavy, 3X long. I was going for a robust look. I'm not sure what you mean by "loose" wire, but I assure you the wire is wrapped tight, there is just a lot of lead on the shank.

    @crowldawg: Is what in a store near me? Wild turkey marabou? The hackle was taken from a turkey a coworker harvested this spring.

  3. @crowldawg: I haven't added this pattern to my store yet, especially since they haven't been field tested yet. Otherwise you won't find this particular pattern anywhere else but here.

    If you're interested in some, email me and I can put together a custom order.

  4. love it J.P., great pattern. You innovator you...