December 10, 2009

the plastic fantastique

plastic worms
Noodling around with some of the plastic jewelry cord I scored last weekend. More of an experimental, improvisational session than anything else. The plastic cord both did and didn't do what I wanted it to do. It didn't melt quite how I planned, though with some manipulation I can seal the ends off. It didn't knot and wrap on the hook shank quite how I planned, since the material can stretch and leave a memory on the plastic. It did, however, leave me with a kick ass body on a soft hackled caddis pattern.

plastic caddis
plastic carp carrot
Fucked the dog and butchered a sacred carp catching pattern, the carp carrot. Didn't have any yellow pheasant rump, the body is a little long, and the head is tied like shit. To see how it's really done by the master and innovator of this pattern, check out the genius of Mr. P. I should be ashamed of myself.

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