December 17, 2009

Missing It

I've been monitoring flows and the seven day forecast as if I was still fishing; force of habit. We're on the cusp of a major arctic blast breaking it's icy grip; Temps finally rose above 0°F/-18°C today. Perhaps a shot at 20°F/-6°C soon. I'm dying to get out. I haven't fished in almost a month and it's killing me. I'm just no ready to give it up. Just one more chance for '09.

B&W + color COP
I've got a trick up my sleeve; A secret mission is in the works. I need a Christmas carp.

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  1. -27 here today JP,froze my bollocks off.warms up though on Sat......Hope you get out soon,would be great to see some fish porn from you before the new year.

  2. I'm giving up the hope I think - rod building, fly tying, and if I'm lucky some ice fishing.

    Probably be late Feb before I hit a river again - unless we get a heat wave.