July 13, 2009

Sparkle Larva

sparkle larva
The Winona Fly Factory has been busy at the vise, cranking out some nasty fine patterns. I'm diggin' the Sparkle Larva; the pure simplicity of this pattern is overlooked by its sheer beauty. Sparkle Sparkle, the original.

I threw a twist on WFF's pattern and tossed on a tungsten head for those soft-mouthed bottom feeders. I swapped the peacock herl thorax for my signature glimmer flash chenille in peacock.

Bottom's up!

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  1. What hook style and size is that?

  2. TFS 2500, size 8, from The Fly Shop.

  3. Awesome JP, post on how these fish. I'm going to be pushing hard to bump a few carp soon. Take care.