July 22, 2009

Fan mail

Hey Roughfisher,

So I have a lake here in San Diego that is simply overflowing with Carp. I found a bay where there are literally Hundreds of Carp tailing in around 6" of water. I have almost been driven to insanity throwing my entire box of flies at them with nothing but refusals(well I did catch one with a damselfly nymph, but I'm pretty sure it was hooked by accident cause it was hooked just outside its mouth). So anyways I ordered some of your flies and today I tied on one of your Green Krystal Scuds. Within a half-hour I caught 3 Carp! All on the same fly. And the best part is the Scud still looks brand new and the hook is not bent at all(I've lost several carp that way). So I just wanted to say thanks for making such great flies. I will definitely be ordering again soon.


SoCal carp

Thanks Victor. Good on ya. Get yourself hooked up.

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