July 9, 2009

roughfisher's vault 2009.07.09

The Grateful Dead, live at Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, May 9, 1977. Buffalo, NY.

Most folks tout the infamous Cornell show from the previous night as the highlight of the Grateful Dead's May 1977 stretch, but the Buffalo show is no slouch. Starting off the night with a killer Help/Slip/Franks, the band rolls on through a smooth Cassidy and a slough of other favs from '77. The Comes a Time is a definite highlight of the show; it's a shame this tune didn't get more play time on this tour. A nice UJB to cap off the night.

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  1. Brown water and The Dead. Why waste your time anywhere else? Love it.

  2. Hard to wrong with any of those may 77 shows they had everything dialed in perfect...the band...the tunes..the sound...the recording I got like ten shows from that month and they are all good

  3. I agree. Hard to go wrong with those '77's. As a matter of fact...I think I'll make it a '77 workday. I'll throw on a cool Floyd '77 boot also. Peace always from Tie Dyed Jim.