July 18, 2009

Saturday Night Up North

how we roll
The roughfisher's sistah is in town and ready to rip shit up. I had to bust out the good stuff: Colt 45, Olde English, and the Maine State drink: Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy. Too bad I had to smuggle that shit across state lines. It's gonna be a bitch when that bottle runs dry.

Ree Dogg
for my homies
Peace out.

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  1. Nothing says badass like a rack of drying baby bottles...except that wallpaper border.

  2. I had no idea you were so gangster.

    P.S. Nice watch tan.

  3. J.P. is so gangster he eats cereal without the Milk. Allens Coffee Brandy is amazing, you my friend are a genius.

  4. So I must ask, you catching anything other than a buzz up there? And tell me you didn't make her drink the O.E. (that shit is dangerous). Take care JP.

  5. @WFF: Only been catching a buzz sorry to say. It rots! BTW, the Olde English was for me.

    @Chris: Fuck off, my watch tan is stellar!

  6. @roughfisher: Clearly not as stellar as the wallpaper above your Cabinets.

    ....Don't worry, if I ever get a house I'll be sure to provide plent of oppourtunities to trash on it.

  7. ^ Brilliant Speller award goes to?????

  8. the wallpaper came with the house, and I've been too busy knocking back some Allen's to get her changed

  9. Old English 800?

    That's the only thing I remember from my childhood - never mix it with Mac and Cheese, it'll turn projectile on you.