June 27, 2009


It was hot out there. 91°F isn't much for most people, some may even be used to it, but us northerners aren't cut out for those temps. I damn near melted out there in the unrelenting sun. Thankfully, fellow fat guy Alex passed along some sage advice on keeping my unmentionables nice and dry. I could of used an entire body dip in Gold Bond.

bigmouth buffalo
Flows are still ridiculous; the water was nice and turbid, and sky high on the banks. I don't forsee flow dropping anytime soon, especially since Fargo is gripping with the Red River leaving its banks yet again. Fishing is tough in these conditions, coupled with the fact that there were knuckle dragging bowfisherman chucking freshly shot carp in to the brush, it doesn't help my chances any. I think I could use the assistance of Primalfly's Anti-Zombie Unit.

Shitty conditions aside, I dealt with the heat and my limp ass line and dredged up a nice channel cat right off the bat, running somewhere in the 2 to 3 pound range. I also managed a few pity smallmouth bass before finally hooking in to a nice buffalo.

bigmouth buffalo closeup
River conditions have left little to be desired so far this season. I haven't been impressed. But when life gives you hops, time to brew some beer. I should take this opportunity to explore some new water, and scout some streams outside the watershed. A little variety never hurt anyone. Chez.

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1 comment:

  1. I had a run in with some bow"fishermen" today also... depressing. Send the antizombie unit down here once you're done with 'em please