June 19, 2009

Family style

Sistah roughfisher was up visiting for the weekend, so the only fitting thing to do was to head on down to the river. Unfortunately for us, a bunch of rednecks were camped out in "the spot" for well over five hours drowning worms for panfish (of all things), smoking butts and downing cheapo beer. I hoped they picked up all their garbage. No chance muscling in to the spot so we set up base camp furthur downstream. While some fish were spotted, it was nowhere near the bonanaza that were reconned over at the other spot. The day was fairly slow resulting in a couple of foul hooked redhorse. I did manage to hook up with a smaller buffalo, but he pulled free in the heavy current after a few minutes. The day was a bust for the roughfisher, but sister managed a bit better luck.

Sister roughfisher managed to catch an average sized smallmouth, and her first roughfish ever, a goldeye. Congrats go out to sistah on her first, and to out-fishing the roughfisher. Time to go flame her on facebook. Nooch.

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