June 11, 2009

The F3T stop in Portland, ME

Up North Ben gave a pretty fair account of our failed striper outing. The weather was beautiful, we were equipped to outfit an entire fleet, and there were reports of fish being caught. To our credit, we gave it a good effort, but chasing the tides is never a good thing. If there's one lesson I learned from the outing, is that sometimes patience can pay off at a spot, and at other times, just plain luck is required to catch fish. Those visions of stripers rolling off the flats in to the rocky abyss still haunt me. The most satisfying part of our journey was the fact that even though the tides and turbid water were kicking our ass, my brownwater searching skills paid off in a foreign land, resulting in located fish. It appears that tactics and method rise above all else, regardless of locale.

The Fly Fishing Film Tour party at the Asylum was the tits. A boatload of good kind folks packed the joint, all having a great time. Plenty of friendships, new and old, were forged that evening, including mine with the host of the show, Jeremy Cameron. I want to thank all of the Flies and Fins crew for their hospitality and for putting together a great show. Capt. Eric took care of the raffle and rounded up a fair showing of schwag and gear from some big time sponsors, including some badass streamer fly boxes from the "Road Fisher" [Insert inside joke here]. The best part of the evening was when Mrs. Roughfisher walked away from the evening with a couple of new hats, a tarpon DVD, a Rail Riders pullover, and an eight piece 8 weight travel rod from LL Bean. Jackpot. She is quite the good luck charm.

J-dog and the roughfisher
The show was a blast and the fishing adventure memorable; I hope to try and make the East Coast tour an annual event. If nothing else, I have some nice incriminating photos to blackmail the Up North crew with. See what happens the next time you make fun of a brownliner and his accent....

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  1. The subtle middle finger trick is never as subtle as you might think. Trust me, it's gotten me kicked out of weddings.

  2. this was not a case for subtlety

  3. hahahahaha what a great picture. Good times man, good times.

  4. Now I had a quite a few beers that night, but I thought it was the "Rogue Fisher". And as we know... Mrs. Roughfisher is usually right :)

  5. So I guess you have a loada flies you wont be needing now for another year.Care to do a fly swap by any chance?

  6. You two look like your getting a little friendly on that there couch....