June 24, 2009

More megaworms

megaworm partay
I was running dangerously low of this simple, yet deceitfully deadly pattern, the megaworm. The day's mission was to replenish the stockade and experiment a bit more with the fritz Singlebarbed sent me. I focused on the pinks and purples since they have been hot this spring.

I'm not sure if using the fritz will have any advantage over the purple glimmer flash chenille, but I'll soon find out. What I need to do is find a 6mm bead with a smaller hole, as the hook eyes pull through on some of the beads, even on a size 6 salt hook. I swapped some of the 6mm beads for a 4mm tungsten that won't slip. Thje extra weight and more streamlined profile should help this version get down to the bottom quicker. I'll know for sure if I start dredging up redhorse.

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  1. You could try a "crimp cover" style bead. These are the old "mash it into round with pliers" style. It's got a small hole as the hook doesn't have to thread through it.


    That's the Black Nickle style, the plain copper, or brass are much cheaper.

    These old beads fell out of fashion once beads for fly tying appeared - but the functional characteristic still works. Drop it onto the hook and squeeze it closed.

  2. Thanks KB. I figured you had a good source for those beads.

  3. This looks like one that would be good to "ease" my way into fly tying with... Been putting off the equipment/materials/time investment, but can't resist much longer.