June 23, 2009

Driftless Carp

Brother Mat Wagner has been doing some scouting on the Upper Mississippi recently, and while the oppressive heat and humidity didn't produce any carp, a bonus gar was hooked and brought to the boat. That's nas. The backwaters of the Upper Miss is composed of a myriad of flats, holding copious amounts of carp and other roughfish. Surely, it is a destination worthy of any roughfish enthusiast.

Brother Mat
Stay caught up with Mat's adventures via blog updates or follow him on Twitter. He also has a special at his shop through the end of June: if you purchase $50.00 worth of gear at Uncommoncarp.com, he will send you a free organic cotton hat. I've got one of 'em and they are fricken righteous.

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  1. In the watershed world, "Upper Miss" can mean a number of things. Can you narrow the scope a bit? It's on my priority list to explore the Miss from Zumbro confluence downstream... for example. I'm envious of his conviction: getting out there and looking it over. I'll go check out the blog.

  2. Upper Miss on a National scale, not Regional. You're on the right track. Specifically, Pools 5-9. Sorry for the confusion, since when I typically refer to the Upper Miss, I am meaning the Upper Upper Miss, the headwaters area.

  3. Goose Island, French Island, Blackhawk Island, and the flats around the highway heading to Lansing Iowa.
    Tons of water here, and tons of access. It is such a cool fishery and is going to be very fun to continue to explore.

  4. Damnit, I need to get on the river and find them. Any suggestions on where to narrow the search? I floated a canoe through backwaters a few weeks ago but saw nothing...

  5. Heading out again tonight with one of my guides. Mid day was a bust so we will see if they will be up and feeding in cooler weather. We will keep you posted via the UCC blog and twitter.
    Weather seems much more carp friendly aka no 100 degree weather!
    As for spots, we just used google earth/bing maps to find the smallest backwaters within the backwaters and took a look.