May 5, 2009

Tasty lids

trucker hat
direct dye cap
Just in time to start off the season stylin', the Roughfisher Fly Fishing hats arrived at the Roughfisher Command Post. Choose between the old school/new school unstructured soft mesh trucker hat, or the classic unstructured direct dye cap.

One size fits all, but if you got a monster sized pumpkin head, chances are the cap may be a little snug. Granted if you've got a melon that big, nothing will fit over your dome. It's like an orange and a toothpick; fucking Sputnik! Snoogins.

Get your hats here.

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  1. fuckin tasty is right guy, those things are dope. When are the roughfisher ladies thongs coming out? I'm looking for birthday gift ideas for my lady.

  2. Head! Newspaper....NNNNOOOOWWWWWW!!!!