May 9, 2009

pity fish

a small smallie
Fishing conditions suck right now. Actually, it's more like a blackhole and all the neutrinos and positrons of my morale are being sucked into the event horizon, along with the rest of my matter and antimatter. The risk of showers throughout the day faded with rising sun; record flows have not.

Water was high (higher than I've ever seen it) and the water brown. Fish were scattered and suckers and redhorse were spawning. All signs of a tough outing. I fished a red swimming nymph with a purple thorax and rubber legs. I managed to get three pity strikes with the pattern, a runt smallmouth, goldeye, and silver redhorse, before losing it in the rocks. I'll have to tie up more of that pattern.

silver redhorse
The catch of the day: silver redhorse. This little guy took the fly on the rise. I was pulling up my fly out of the run to recast when he hit it. A good reminder from the other day to leave your fly in the zone for just pinch longer, courtesy of the Winona Fly Factory.

It was brutal out there today. Ugly. The river is still gonna need a rest. Of course I could be killing out there right now if I joined the masses and chucked bait and hardware. Pass. Those coconuts will be out in droves tomorrow on the fishing "opener", busy trying not to get into each other's way. Instead, I'll have my heels kicked up, having some family time with the kids. Maybe I'll touch the vise a bit this weekend. I've got a bunch of striper patterns I need to get tied up before my trip to Maine later this month. At least there's something to look forward too.


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  1. Any time you can catch three different species in a short trip is no pity!! Nice work!

  2. Sorry to hear the rivers are still blown out J.P.L.
    I need to start tying some striper patterns as well. Let me know where you get your materials, I'm lost as to what I need and where to get it.
    Looking forward to some fishing!