May 13, 2009


Dear Old Man River, Can I come out to play?  I would really like to go fishin', but your waters have swollen their banks.  It has been nearly two months since you've left your banks to wander. Could you please return home to Hudson Bay?  It would be nice if we could come down to the river banks and play.  Soon. I'm just sayin'.  Regards, the roughfisher

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  1. I feel your pain brother JP, Our run off blitz is just about to start and the river will be swollen with gay rafters, and hillbilly tubers.

    Fortunatley, the lakes will be on fire, damsels are starting to hatch-

    Keep the faith, great post/pic!

  2. least you have an excuse for not catching tons of fish. Rivers here look great, my fish count...1.
    see you in a month!