March 3, 2009

wurm hole

Having just finished tying up 4 dozen San Juan Worms, armored car version, I was left with a few tag ends of ultra chenille. Not wanting to waste the trim, I took upon the inspiration of David Hise's wicked Medusa pattern, and ventured out on my own. While not utilizing silicone strips or vinyl ribbing as on the original, I opted for the roughfisher version of adding steel. Well, copper to be precise.

wurm clusterfuck
I don't have any red or pink silicone strips, though it may be worth acquiring some to play with. I think David has hit upon a killer idea. There's no mistake why Orvis added this pattern to its fly selection. I think I need to tweak with my variation a little bit before signing off on it, but it's a start.

Looks like a field trial is in order.

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  1. Cool idea, as always. I'm gonna have to spend some money and get a selection of some of your patterns. What company do you use for threads?

  2. That fly could certainly double as springtime trout meat.

  3. @MFC: UNI-Thread, typically 6/0. I will also sometimes use Danville thread 3/0 for some of the bigger warmwater/salt patterns, especially if I need to build a head.