March 26, 2009

More fun with the SJW

I've been tying up a bunch of San Juan worms for commercial orders lately, and figured I'd tweak and experiment a bit more with the pattern. Taking cues from the SJW - Armored Car Version and the Carp Assassin, I played with variations of the wire body and marabou tail. I toyed with the idea of beadchain eyes. I worked on color variation and even tied on some glimmer chenille thoraxes.

SJW variations
Will fish readily take these flies? Do they even resemble an aquatic worm anymore? That's up for debate. There's only one surefire way to find out, and that's a clinical field trial. Unfortunately, the rivers are blown out here in the region due to obvious reasons.

major flooding throughout region
Looks like it might be awhile...

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  1. Bummer Man, looks like you'll just need to keep tying!

  2. believe me, I've got plenty of tying to keep me busy for a long time. Fishing helps keep my sanity though, I feel bad for my family.

  3. I really love when you post your flies - very creative. That must help a little when you can't go fishing.