March 19, 2009

The Wall Street Journal goes brown

Tom Teasdale
Photo courtesy Justin Scheck/WSJ

Thanks to the guts of The Wall Street Journal reporter Justin Sheck, the WSJ featured an article on the brownliner underground. The piece takes a look at the origin of brownlining and an inside look at the life of a few brownliners. The roughfisher even gets mention.

Even the sun can shine on a brownliner someday. Cheers!

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  1. If I visit this summer, do you have special compadre pricing on that fine guiding service of yours?

    Or are you already booked until 2011 now?

  2. I'm so pumped for you man, well deserved exposure. May the lines stay tight and the money roll in!

  3. JPL, Thank you for posting This as well, I think this is a great way to get people out of the Fly Fishing crash we have been on

  4. Awesome. Great to see some exposure other than the "blogosphere".

  5. @MG of course we can cut a deal. your first born in exchange for a guided trip. sounds fair to me.

  6. That is some serious and solid exposure.

  7. Mr. Roughfisher, call on line four ... a Miss Hilton? She says she may have left her dog in your vest?

    That catfish is plain awesome.

  8. Congratulations! Mentioned in the same paper with Madoff, AIG, and the other bottom feeding slimy rough fish.

    Seriously makes we want to look for brown water close to home.