March 16, 2009

the nobility of brown

This post goes out to all you humps who like to badmouth carp, roughfish, and any other angler pursuing the non-salmonid, fuck you. You know who I'm talking about; all you knuckle-draggers out there needlessly killing fish for "sport" and record. And you, the chump who'll take the bait from the industry, convinced that the act of pursuing exotic species like taimen in Mongolia is a more noble excursion than the domestic buglemouth, simply because of the adipose. Thanks for spreading didymo and New Zealand mud snails around the globe you fucks.

After thumbing through about a dozen stacked up issues from the various fly fishing rags the other day, it is apparent of the brainwashing that plagues the sport. The mindtrap solely exists as a means of self-preservation, in an industry that lacks ingenuity and progressive thought, not worthy of the foresight that begets evolutionary advancement. A tight line is a fucking tightline. Get over it. Instead of trying to grab a collective agreement by all those who wield the long rod, the war machine instead dumps on all those who do not conform to their standards, including other members of the fly society. This lets other cohorts pick you apart, decrying you of your social validity and championing you as a fundamentalist association of elitism and snobbery.

So, for all those who chase tail with disregard for the adipose, we welcome you. Stand up and enjoy the flavor of brownliner country. Join the voices of liberty and justice. We pass no judgment on fellow patriots with regard to their quarry; we embrace followers of the single and double handed disciplines. Storm the waters with impunity and serve your republic proud.

Propaganda courtesy of Brownline Ambassador Alex Landeen.

Welcome to the Brownline Nation. The revolution is coming to a town near you.

- Minister of Brownline Affairs, the roughfisher

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