March 12, 2012

Party With Sluts

Winter seemingly lasted only a couple weeks around here this year, an odd departure from last year's season of doom and gloom and record snowfall. I'll take it.

Critter Gitter in pumpkin
I'll take anything I can get, in fact. I am a whore. A fly fishing whore to be exact. I love spending countless hours down at the river brothel, diddling away my time and getting my flies wet. I like to make sure I have enough lead in the pencil to get my flies down and dirty. I like riding them deep. That's where all the fun is.

pumpkin dub
Hot Craw dub
I spent some time the previous weekend concocting up a wicked brew of dubbing batches, Hot Craw and Pumpkin. Similar to my burnt orange dubbing variety, I used a base of squirrel, hare and rabbit. I added some Finn raccoon to the base fibers as well. Along with a medley of antron, floss/rayon, and other polyamide fiber goodies, I added a few extra trade secret ingredients. I also mixed up some of the highlight colors to lend to two complements that I hadn't previously utilized, hot orange to the Hot Craw dub, and highlander green and chartreuse to the pumpkin dub. As per the usual, the true essence of a spectral blend of translucent fiber based dubbing is difficult to capture on film. You'll have to trust my judgement and my word for it when I say that it is awesome.

I can tell you that black crappies know how to party. This playah loved him some Critter Gitter. I hope the carp come to party too. Looks like I'll need to make a booty call and pay a visit to their crib.


  1. Great post! Curious, do you buy the base hair already dyed or do you dye it yourself?

  2. The majority of what I have has been dyed already, or was dyed by Keith from

  3. Good to know. Thanks.

  4. Nice! I like red-headed sluts too.