March 6, 2012

Grateful Tweaker

The hard part was coming up with the gestalt and basic configuration of the Critter Gitter pattern. Now that I have that, it's all about the tweaking. Let the fun begin.

critter gitter - olive
critter with tail
I know that the simple marabou tail will prove effective. However, being a carp fly, it seems almost obligatory that there be rubber legs. So, I added rubber legs, centipede legs to be exact, because I like how the variegation acts like a bullseye drawing a predator towards the fly. The exact length of the legs, though, is yet to be determined. I'll have to conduct some field trials to observe if the legs foul on the hook bend, or if they affect the way a fish takes the fly. Either way, this meaty morsel will be sure to plump up a cyprinid like a Muffin Top.

muffin tops
muffin top burnt orange
I know, it's a hard job, but someone has to do it.


  1. Very nice! Do your flies with simple bead chain always ride hook up, I understand the parachute effect of material placement, but I have to ask. I add some lead wire with mine, but maybe I don't have to. Nice flies in great colors.