January 18, 2010


sausage making equipment
Gots me a new grinder and stuffer for chreesmas. Fellow brownliner Tony already got the tube steak laying down pat. I'll have to confer with him and exchange some recipes and samples. I've got some grandiose ideas. Aside from the traditional wursts like Wisconsin style brats, summer sausage, and snack sticks, I'm looking to mix things up a bit. A few of the pondered experiments are smoked pepperoni rolls and snack sticks, jalapeño pheasant sausage, wild rice brats, Hawaiian style Portuguese sausage (linguiça ),and a couple of varieties of fish sausage, including an asian influenced tuna sausage. That one I plan on serving on a hard roll brat style, with pickled ginger and a wasabi aioli. Damn this is making me hungry.

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1 comment:

  1. Glad to see you've got the stuffer too. We've been making due the hard way for the last several years. But I think we've swore that we'd get a stuffer enough times that we will get one before next fall.