January 29, 2010

Copying a copycat

Our brother from Up 'North made his guide of things for deprived fly fisherman to do over the weekend, so here's mine.

Dirty Boy's list for the weekend:
  • wish you could have went fishing
  • play some Wii
  • wish you could have went snowmobiling
  • eat some grease and bacon
  • put kids to bed
  • crack open a bottle of cheap malt liquor, alone
  • watch Gopher hockey choke, again
  • walk past fly tying vise and grab another drink
  • Facebook stalk
  • drink some more
  • eat jalapeño bean & cheese chimichangas and nacho cheese Doritos
  • more drinks
  • fart
  • more Facebooking
  • cut loose and waft a few more ass biscuits and check for streaks
  • have another beer
  • drunken dial/text/PM
  • one more drink
  • wish you could have went fishing
  • pass out


  1. Hahaha o Mr. Roughfisher, I know you didn't invent the list, but you most certainly make it your bitch.