January 17, 2010

the brownline 2010.01.17

  • Fish Can't Read Sold! The fledgling e-zine has been sold off to a large media conglomerate. Unfortunately, part of the terms of the deal means that the magazine is done for and will no longer be published. Where does this leave fellow brownliners Alex and Keith and hottie Camille? I'm not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if another underground magazine rose to the surface in the coming months.
  • US Carp Pro Magazine. David Smith, owner of USCP mag, has a great thing going here. Styled after This is Fly, this is an edgy magazine with great photography and full of relevant information. Most magazines are stuffed heavy with ads and sponsor influenced articles, with little on the content side. Not the case here. Check out the latest issue with a great article featuring Lee Baermann and a few of his go to fly patterns. I've got some exciting news to share on this front in the coming month.
  • The dreaded asian carp. Stop on over at Hatchless and sign up for the petition to help stop the spread of asian carps into the Great Lakes. Please.

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