November 19, 2009

View from the bench

tying table
Shout out to Alex over at Hatches Magazine for the idea, frugality at its finest. $13 bones. A breakfast tray is the perfect solution for fly tying portability. Folding legs mean you can take this mobile workstation from the table to the couch so you don't miss the evening hockey game. Word from the underground says that this tray gets the job done even on the can. Twosies. All this bad boy needs is a cup holder and we're all set.

Anyone willing to throw in a sticker to slap on the tray, send them my way to get represented.

hot wire soft hackle caddis
rusty nymph
A couple products of the test run.

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  1. Nice vise
    I've been meaning to do this and send it in to Buster, do it, you'll be famous!

  2. I thought I was at Buster for a second. Got my Upper Midwest pride up, seeing the Driftless Angler sticker and not to mention the Roughfisher. You should totally send it to them. Represent for us Midwesterners.