November 27, 2009

Seasonal Scores, Round II

More scores courtesy of Santa's Little Helper. There's something about the Holiday Season that brings obscure craft store materials to the forefront, that are otherwise lurking in the wings during the rest of the year, collecting dust. Intriguing caches of tinsel, mylar and cellophane sparkle the eye, leaving a perplexed fly tyer scratching his head wondering where this stuff's been all his life. Bewildered, the tyer grabs everything flashy and throws it in the cart, making the mad dash past the crotchety old bags browsing over those gaudy Santa gnomes and Dicken's Village miniatures, straight to the checkout aisle. "Those items aren't on sale", are the first words nagging out of the homely clerk's mouth, before you even have a chance to pull your items out of the cart. "I don't care", you mutter back, as you swipe your card, grab your receipt, and get the hell out of that holiday zoo.

crimped mylar
Lametta strands, $0.99. Also known as crimped mylar. The front side is pearl, the back is white. The stuff will make a bitchin' looking body on a soft hackle, wingcases, or a gnarly ass wing on a streamer. I'm thinking muskie. I'd fish it to a wooly bully bull trout, but seeing as how I live over a thousand miles from bull country, I'll settle for an esocid instead.

glitter chenille
glitter chenille, closeup
6mm wireless glitter chenille, $1.99. Three different colors at 30 feet each. This stuff is the shiznit. I've got grandiose visions of a Hollywood version of a San Juan Worm, and a caddis pupa pattern. I need to see if this stuff comes in other colors.

Hard not to get in the Christmas spirit when you find such cool shit at the craft store.

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  1. J.P.,, make-me-some-muskie-flies-with-that-shit. Ill hook you up with whatever you want in return. That stuff is PERFECT.

  2. Oy Santa,you c***,where's me fuckin bike....I've opened up all me pressies and there's fuck all that I like!

  3. That's a great caterpillar material - I just know of a caterpillar "hatch" to exploit.

    Looks damn sexy though.