November 30, 2009


glitter worm
glitter worm, alt
This chenille is a bit thicker than some of the other stuff I've been working with lately. I'd like to keep the bead on the fly as I like to have a little weight to get this fly down in the water column. The chenille is too thick to thread through the bead hole, so I tied it on the hook as you would a traditional SJW. I don't prefer this manner because the thread is more exposed and is potentially prone to tearing, enabling the chenille to come free of the hook. I tried a wire bodies version, but it didn't come out looking right. I'll need to monkey around with this pattern a bit, perhaps I 'll need to use a larger holed bead on this pattern.

glitter caddis
Money. Not sure what much else I can do to improve on this caddis pattern. Let's just hope the fish think it's bling too.

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  1. That caddis looks sweet. I gotta get to a town with something other than a wallmart and get some seasonal fly tying materials...