April 17, 2009


 Catostomus commersonii
another white sucker
The white sucker, Catostomus commersonii. They are likely one of the most overlooked fish in North America. The scourge of many a trout angler, this fish is the backbone of many popular game fish populations. White suckers serve as a vital forage source for the Hollywood fish, species like walleye and northern pike, which get all the glory. Frankly, I can do without all the showboating and fancy glitter boats those crowds roll in. I like the fish of a working man: the sucker. Modest and humble they never sass back except for the occasional slap of the tail on release. No teeth to bite back the hand the fed them. The sucker is a true brownliner fish.

High flows, brown fields, and a speckle of green can only mean one thing; spring is peeking its head out from winter's shadow. Get your groove on and roll with the flow. Hell yeah!

got sucker?

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1 comment:

  1. Interesting looking fish,Similar characteristics to the European Barbel while the Shorthead redhorse Has features similar to that of the common Roach over here.