April 7, 2009

This is how we do it

Based on a tip from Singlebarbed late last week, I ordered a bunch of Crystal FX yarn off of ebay, in the amber mix and amethyst varieties. The contraband arrived at the roughfisher command post this afternoon, and was smuggled into the compound shortly thereafter. Singlebarbed had his turn with this bitch, now it was my turn.

crystille array
What do you get when you cross Crystal FX yarn with glimmer flash chenille? An East Jersey princess. This pattern has got more frizz than Mike And Greg Brady's perms. I rolled these up with tungsten beads and an entire body of lead wire; some serious junk in the trunk. These babies will roll tight to the bottom, swimming with the fishes.

crystille, mustard
crystille, brown
crystille, purple
Bling, Bling.

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  1. Those are tasty looking morsels, but if you notice your gas mileage starting to suffer ... it's because your vest weighs about 80 pounds by now.