April 20, 2009

pencils down!

Up for debate was the identity of two dubbing blends. One was a commercial blend from a high profile company, the other, a custom dubbing blend created under the helm of the roughfisher. Time to reveal their true identities.

The competitors:

which one is commercial?
The results:

Wapsi Sow-Scud dubbing in Bighorn Orange.

Exhibit A, Wapsi Sow-scud blend

Roughfisher's fuzzy navel blend in orange

Exhibit B
The aforementioned blend was cut with needloft craft yarn (antron or other substitute) in bright orange and amber, MCG Textiles latch hook yarn (acrylic yarn) in bright orange, hare underfur dyed in bright orange, and Angelina fibers in aurora and onyx black. Contents were cut into 1" pieces and mixed in a mini grinder.

The winner:

Ben Rioux of Up North Maine Fly Castings was randomly selected from the pool of entrants giving the correct answer. I'm glad to see the prize dubbing going to a broke-ass college kid who's got a big heart and even bigger appetite for fishing. I'll have to get him on some brown water this summer. Thanks for playing.

So, a question to the readers: what tipped you off to the imposter? The quality or the ingredients? Comments please.

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  1. Bollocks,thought I was curtain to win......Spose Its a bit late to ask for that backhander I sent you through the post!

    Honestly I just took a blind guess.

  2. Thank you for your kind words J.P.L- I'll make you proud with a few nymph patterns sporting a northern Maine twist.

  3. O, and to answer your question, I always seem to remember your dubbing for it's flashy quality. It's never dull and always has that extra sparkle.

  4. It was the miscellaneous dark fibers for me, at least compared to the neatly uniform color of selection A.