February 2, 2009

While you were out....

While many of you humps out there were playing paddycake with each other and watching the StupidBowl, the roughfisher was busy at home, tending to the juniors and the smoker.

Smoked sockeye salmon in three flavors: brown sugar, garlic pepper, and tandoori.
Smoked pork loin
Apple cider brined smoked pork loin.
Smoked Sockeye

It was worth it.

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  1. mmmmm... need me some lavash, cream cheese, capers, diced onions and hard boiled eggs to go with that smoked salmon.

    That pork looks freakin' awesome too. Oh god, first talking about tasty sausages with kraut now this?

    Thats it, I'm coming over.

  2. Man that pork looks killer. Add some mashed potatoes and saurkraut. Yum.

  3. Alex: anytime man

    flytyer: while that is a tasty option, we are making up cuban pork sandwiches and tostones for dinner. ole!

  4. Hi Bro! very nice and tasty too. I am from Malaysia and my hobby is to explore Malaysia's rain forest in 4x4 and normally when we reach at the camp site, fishing will become one of our activities. 'Kelah" or Malaysia Mansheer become our target and it is quiet hard to catch this fish.


  5. BlackWind: that's some pretty hardcore off-roading you guys do over there. The Mahseer looks like quite the noble quarry; I would love the challenge to one day land one of those beast on the fly.

  6. Oh god, I love pork! Apple cider huh? smack it with some Brown sugar too! god that looks good. i could do without the salmon tho. Just not a salmon fan