February 23, 2009

break yo'self

When life gives you apples... Go kill a boar and stuff some apples it's mouth and roast it on a spit.

Glimmer Flash Chenille array
When you find something you like, don't mess around. Pull the trigger on the deal and acquire, mang! I found the long lost supplier of the elusive glimmer flash chenille the other week and cleaned out every last bit of inventory they had in the colors I wanted. The goods arrived this weekend and were immediately placed in the vault, lest any of you clowns get a wise idea to get some fo yo'self.

Glimmer Flash Chenille, Peacock closeup
I determined that the material I sought after was of the long fiber variety. Tough to tell from the photos supplied by the vendor; their product description was less than informative. I got hooked up with the short fiber in olive, brown, and dark brown, and of course peacock in the long.

Glimmer Flash Chenille, Peacock
This stuff is the shiznit. I wish they had more than 4 ounces left. Looks like I better hold the glock tight at night, tucked under the pillow.

Break yo'self fool!

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  1. hahahahaha, I see what you mean about content. greaaat movie

  2. You figure sizes 10-14 maybe? Cool shit indeed.

  3. @WB: definitely. I think this is the size you are looking for.

  4. Let's see some flies from that batch of goods!!!